How To Use

How to use Classpass – The Basics


Step 1: Download the App and Setup

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Classpass app available for Android and iOS

Once you have downloaded the App, Classpass will walk you through setting up your account preferences. After you’ve completed your account setup, you can peruse everything the App has to offer (including all the studio locations available and class options).


Step 2: Searching for Classes

Click on the “Find a class” icon located at the bottom of the App.

You’ll automatically be shown a list of all same-day classes available for you to sign up for.

Swipe left to view the list of tomorrow’s class options.

If you already have an idea of what activity or studio you’ve like to search for, type it into the search bar at the top of the app.

You can change out of “list view” and view the “map” or your area instead. To do this, tap on the “Map” button beside the search bar.

Filter the options show on your map-view or in your list-view by pressing the filter icon, also located beside the search bar. You can narrow down your preferred time-range, neighborhoods, number of spots you hope to find available, types of activities, amenities, and level of intensity. Once you’ve made their specifications, press “done” and you’ll find that only options that fit these specs will now populate your search window.


Step 3: Signing up for a class

You’ve found the class you want to sign up for! Now what?

Click on it and at the bottom you’ll be asked to sign up, or “Buy class for $20”.

If you haven’t already signed up for a membership, or have chosen you don’t want to sign up for a monthly membership, you may purchase this one time class for the $20 option.

If you’d like to sign up for a monthly membership, Classpass offers 3 options. Learn more about membership options here.

You can “sign up” for as many classes as you have available in your monthly cycle. If you’ve reached your max, you’ll be prompted to “add-on more classes” to your account for that month.

Once you’ve signed up for your selected class(es), you’ll see a pop-up notification confirming your sign up. You’ll also be emailed a confirmation with a link to add it to your google calendar.

Now get ready for class!


Step 4: Attending class

You’ve arrived to the studio. Now what?
Check in at the desk. They’ll mark you as here and you’re good to go!


Happy Classpassing!