How do I search for classes by available credits on ClassPass?

So, you want to find some classes on ClassPass, and you want to do this via the credit range function. How do I go about searching for classes by credit range, on the ClassPass app. 

The App and Search Classes by Credits

First off, what is ClassPass? Well, ClassPass is a monthly fitness subscription membership, providing you with all manner of yoga, fitness, cycle classes and gym times, allowing you to book them all under one very easy umbrella. But you know all that because you probably found this article searching for how to search by credits.

Searching for credits is important because of how the company works. Depending on your plan, ClassPass allows you a certain number of credits and being able to filter or search by credit will save you time and money, allowing you to see the best deals within the app for the amount of credits you have remaining in the month

ClassPass allows you to  search for classes in several ways. Searches can be done by credit, instructor or studio. In this quick guide, we’re going to show you how to search for this via the credit range option.

What you first need to do is go to the app, and start to search for a class. Once you are there, go to the Filters tab and this is where you can adjust things such as start time, location, etc. Here you can adjust the credit range too. 

It should be one of the top filtering options on the app. It has a sliding bar from zero through to six. Slide bar ends up and down, to set your range e.g. from 0-5 or from 1-4. 

Conclusion: That’s How You Search

And that is it. Searching by credits is really as easy as adjusting your credit range on the app. You have now gone over what ClassPass is and how to search for classes via the credit range option. You can then adjust things like location to your heart’s content, keeping those locations within the credit range you have just set. 

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