Membership Packages

ClassPass Membership Packages


ClassPass sells subscriptions on a “monthly cycle” basis.

There are three options:

3 Class Pack – You have 30 days to redeem 3 classes of your choice

5 Class Pack – You have 30 days to redeem 5 classes of your choice

10 Class Pack – You have 30 days to redeem 10 classes of your choice

Classpass works on a monthly cycle. Each month your subscription refreshes.


You can only redeem your classes at the same studio location a limited number of times per monthly cycle, depending on the package you purchased.

For a 3-pack, you can redeem at the same location once each month.

For a 5-pack, you can redeem at the same location up to two times per month.

For a 10-pack, you can redeem at the same location up to three times per month.


Once you have redeems the maximum number of classes at any one specific location (in a single monthly cycle), Classpass will not allow you to sign up for any more classes at that particular location until your monthly cycle refreshes again the following month.

No rollover classes. If you do not redeem all of the classes in your cycle, you lose out on those classes.

Add-on Classes. If you’ve redeems all of your allotted classes for the month. You have the option of adding on classes. You can purchase classes individually, or add on a 3-pack, or 10-pack

Holds. If you are going to be traveling for an extended period of time in an area where Classpass is not available, you can put your membership on “hold”. There is a hold fee, which varies by city, for each month you have your membership on hold. You are given a single class per month to attend as you wish.

Cancellations. If you cancel your membership completely, Classpass charges you a reactivation fee, so if you’re only going to be away for a month or two, putting your membership on hold might be the more economical option.


When you refer a friend to ClassPass, not only do you get $40 credited to your account, your friend also gets $40 taken off their first monthly payment!