Have you tried ClassPass Go? Work out anywhere you have headphones with their new audio fitness app

ClassPass continues to innovate on the fitness industry. After launching ClassPass Live — which offered at-home workouts in the form of live video, they’re now pressing play for your next workout with ClassPass Go. Go is their new audio offering in the vein of ClassPass Live. Read on:

ClassPass Go is a brand new free audio fitness app that brings the same top-quality studio workouts straight to your phone. Choose from 500+ classes in running, cycling, strength training, yoga and beyond. Start a class on your schedule – no sign ups or travel time

With ClassPass Go, you are coached by what the company calls “elite instructors” and you can pick a DJ-curated playlist that best-motivates you. This sounds like a poor (wo)man’s version of ClassPass Live, but I actually would utilize this service more because you can use ClassPass Go at home, at the gym or if you’re riding a bike whenever you want. The best news is that it’s free so nothing is stopping you from downloading the app (iOS or Android), picking up your headphones and turning up the volume for your next workout. Your next favorite fitness class begins whenever you’re ready for it.

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